Rogue One: Get Hyped.

Hello All!

I just got back from seeing Rogue One in Imax. After a long wait of standing in line for both tickets and consessions, I can proudly say we managed to get great seats. Since I’ve been in college, my budget has been pretty tight, so I’ve refrained from going to any movies, Imax or otherwise. This was a great introduction back into the theater.

One thing that always suprises me is the vast worldbuilding that is put into these movies. Half of the time I get distracted from the plot wanting to know more about the people, cultures, ships, and places.

Besides that, the traffic home was a bit ridiculous and the Mall beforehand was pretty packed. There were so many little kids dressed in christmas sweaters, decent sales, and tinsel hanging from the ceiling. Certainly a winter wonderland. This weekend theres supposed to be a decent snowstorm, in which I’m excited for, but the biting cold is beginning to eat at me.

Anywho, here’s how my blog posts will, most likley work. I’ll post 2 a week, either 2 personal, 1 personal 1 writing tip or 2 writing tips. That way I keep you all informed with my habits and lifestyle while trying to connect with you!

I hope any and all writing is going well!

Cheers- Lyds-

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