More Snow!

Hello Everyone! I figured I’ve done a few writing tip posts recently, so today calls for a post about snow :3

I hope everyone is enjoying the winter season with your friends, family, and with your writing. Recently, I’ve been working on my new novel ((curently title-less!)) and for the past few days, I’ve been writing a chapter a night. But I did have to conpletely re-route my plot, which was a pain, ever since then my motivation has divebombed. I’m hoping to get some work done tommorow night at work 😛

Anyways, my Christmas was mostly green, which is dissapointing in my eyes, but recently we’ve been having a large snowstorm. My inner child is very excited. We have at least 8 inches accumulating on my back porch.

Everyone be sure to drive safe and good luck on writing!



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