New Years Goals!

Hello All! Welcome to 2017! We sure had one crazy year, but this is finally the year to chase and accomplish our ambitions: especially regarding writing. So here are my Top 5 Tips for Writing in the New Year! 

  1.  Be Focused!— We all know this can be a difficult task, but once focus is lost your writing process will begin to unwind and you’ll be left without it. Embody your story and really put your heart and soul into your writing. Make a Playlist if it helps! Share it with supportive friends! This inherent focus on your work is what will keep your creative engine running.
  2. Make Time For Writing. — Coming from a student’s eye, this can be really hard. But nonetheless, you owe it to yourself and your story to have time to work. Whether it be on your day off or an hour-ish after lunch, this writing time needs to become you tending to your book baby. Make this time a period where you can unwind and lose yourself in your work.
  3. Edit, Edit, Edit.– This sounds pretty self-explanatory. Editing is HUGE no matter what you write, but this year don’t edit yourself and say ‘eh. it’ll do.’ NO. Get a real editor who will happily and helpfully rip apart your book. This will open your eyes and allow you to polish up your book to that pre-publish shine.
  4. Embrace your Writing Style.– Everyone writes differently, so embrace your style. The world is waiting to hear your story in your own words. So don’t get embarrassed or ashamed of how you write, own it, practice it, and blow people away by it. You are amazing and so is your work.
  5. Be Proud To Call Yourself A Writer! — Lots of us writers have often felt ashamed, looked down upon, or cast aside when proclaiming ‘I’m a writer!” Make this the year where you are PROUD to be a writer, no matter the wrinkled faces and upturned noses. Remember them when you’re signing books 😉 Surround yourself with positive people and put your all into your book. Writing is a gift, be proud of you and your story.

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-Lyds 🙂


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