Wanted: Support

I’m an aspiring writer, but feel no support from my friends/family/significant other/ teachers etc… what do I do?

This is going to be a brutally honest answer, prepare yourself.

First off, don’t claim you’re an ‘aspiring writer’. You are a writer. Simple as that. You create by means of writing, that alone is a talent to be proud of. So when people question if you’re a writer, be loud and proud: yes, yes I am a writer.

Second off, if people aren’t supporting your passion and your craft, remove them from your life. This can be easier with friends, maybe don’t see each other as much, don’t bring up your writing, or keep them from your passion if all they are doing is hurting you.

A significant other or family member is harder to tackle. Concerning friends, they can be easy to limit and they don’t have to be 100% supportive. We are often friends with opposites, so they aren’t obligated to like what you like. But if a BF/GF, mother, father, step-mom etc… isn’t supporting you, it is unacceptable. If they love you, they should love and support your ambitions and passions. If they are a significant part of your life, they have no excuses to not accept you and your passions. This can be hard to discuss, but if these people love you and want to be involved in your life, they will push aside excuses to support what makes you happy.

Your happiness is what matters most.

I really hope this helped, even though it was a tad depressing. I’m sorry I didn’t post this yesterday, I had a whirlwind day and wasn’t home until 11PM, in which I passed out soon after 🙂

I hope 2017 is going well!



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