My Novel Progress!

Hello all! And happy Monday!

I realized that I have been producing a lot of writing based posts as of late and decided it was time for a personal blog, just to update everyone on where my book is headed. Good News! Last night I reached 17,000 words! I understand it’s not a lot, but it’s a really good start, especially with me headed back to college soon.

My novel has been slowly developing after I had to rearrange the plot.

Finally things are coming together!

Also, I recently read The Circle by Dave Eggers. I highly suggest this book. It’s full of intrigue, decisions, love, deception, privacy and family. I ripped through this book is 2 days flat. Plus, this book will be a movie in the coming months, so I suggest reading it before seeing the film.

My goals for this week are to have at least 2 more chapters done by Sunday. Hopefully I can fulfill this goal even though my week is extremely hectic, but hey, fingers crossed! Once college starts again, I’ll have to manage my time more and find a period where I can focus on my creative work.

I hope all is going well!




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