Character Creation!

Any tips on creating quality characters?

Yes! Many, in fact! When I create my characters, I answer questions and make character profiles so I delve into their individual histories. Here are the most common questions I answer:

Basic Info:

  1. Full name?
  2. Age?
  3. Occupation?
  4. Physical/mental Description?
  5. Voice sound like?

Delving in… 

  1. Earliest memory?
  2. Role models?
  3. How do they get along with others? family?
  4. Greatest achievement?
  5. Greatest Regret?
  6. Best/worst memory?
  7. what would they die for?
  8. Quirks?
  9. Strengths/weaknesses?
  10. Do they like themselves?
  11. How do others view them?
  12. Addicted to anything? Do they want to quit?
  13. Believer of true love?
  14. Why do/are they a… (vampire/doctor/sorcerer/vegan/demon…) What are the pros-cons of being X?
  15. If you, the author, could give this character advice, what would it be? and would they take it?


I know this isn’t a giant list, but my characters tend to create themselves as my books carry on. These questions offer a good starting point in which you can expand and aknowledge your growing characters.

I hope this helps! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!










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