Every Villian Is Lemons! How To Make Great Villians.

I have a good plot premise, but my villian is lacking. Any advice to make them stronger?

Hello, All! My apologies for the delay! I recently got back to college and had my first classes this week, so to say the least, it’s been pretty hectic. So I’m sorry this post is so late, but here it is!

When I create my main villains of any sort, I go through a slew of options that not only makes this villain unique, but sticks with the reader throughout the story.

  1. they have likable qualities
  2. readers LOVE to see them arrive
  3. they are merciless, yet occasionally kind
  4. they’ll stop at nothing
  5. they are a good enough opponent to highlight your main character

One thing to always remember when developing a villain is that, yes, they are people too! (Unless they are an alien race but that’s another story) Make this character have layers and depth, make your readers hate them but understand their actions. Or if this character is a pure embodiment of evil, make your readers boil with rage against them, make them the best at their own game.

But not all bad guys are solid people. Maybe the government or an organization or a city constitutes as the villain of your story. Never the less, make these aspects strong and make them further your plot, for better or worse.

I hope this helps!

Another post will be up Monday!


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