Book Baby :3

Hello All!

I am currently back at College for my second semester of Sophomore Year, and as much as I loved having a month break, I love being back on a schedule and having a daily routine. Plus I’m seeing a slam poet tonight so that’s exciting 🙂

As usual, my weeks are packed but luckily I have Friday’s off, which is a perfect time for me to catch up on my writing. Recently, I’ve been neglecting my novel 😦 for the sake of schoolwork, but it has been eating away at me. I feel guilty not spending time with it. So, recently I’ve been doing some more outlining so, when I find some free time, I know what way my writing will start to head.

This Book is very much like a baby to me, for several reasons:

  1. feeling very overprotective of it
  2. it keeps me up at night
  3. I feel guilty when I’m not spending quality time with it
  4. I’m constantly worrying over it
  5. It consumes most of my life
  6. I shelter it greatly from any type of comments: good or bad
  7. and I literally carry it with me anywhere

I love my (in progress) book dearly and am hoping I find the time to work on it. Also, Ive been thinking ahead to the future once this novel is done, and wondering what my possible series might be. It’s on my bucket list to write a series. With my high intrigue in psychosis and aliens and often forlorn love, we’ll see where my ideas go 😛

I hope you all have a relaxing monday!



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