Ways To Improve!

Any tips on improving my writing?

Hello! We all know as writers that sticking to our normal ways can grow old and bland. Often times when we look back on our writing, we see the same old patterns and just consider it habit and style. While this may lightly ring true, there are always ways to improve and expand our knowledge and story telling skills.

Here are my Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Writing:

  1. Edit with a passion– Going through your work and cutting out sections can seem like torture, but it’s necessary. Editing out commonly used words, phrases, and even shallow scenes will enhance your work ten fold. Be sure to keep an open mind and open heart, even though it may seem hard to muster, this thinning will help you enhance poor sections and strengthen others.
  2. Seriously!— When it comes to your craft, be serious about it. Like I’ve said before, this work is like your child, and no (good) parent neglects, forgets, or abandons a child. If you ARE serious about getting your work out there and publishing it, give it your attention and time. This alone will help you get into a productive mindset.
  3. Differ Your Dialogue— Writing dialogue can always be tricky, but not everyone speaks alike. If you find that a few of your characters aren’t pleasing you or filling a certain need, focus on their dialogue. It’s somewhat easy to adjust and even a simple accent change can assist the character.
  4. The 5 Senses— Most writers tend to focus on two: sight and touch. When writing, find places to include all 5, especially taste and smell. These added senses will aid the reader into fully embodying and visualizing the scene, along with feeling it as if they are there. The senses will naturally draw readers.
  5. READ, READ, READ!— no matter what you read, or when you read it, reading other people’s works will undoubtedly help your craft. Try to read different genres, broaden your horizon and experience, along with your vocabulary. Once you find what you like to read, it will eventually rub off in your writing making it more expensive and giving it depth.

I hope this helped and was insightful!
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