The Reasons Why…

Hello all! This week is already busy, and last week took a huge emotional toll on my anxiety, which I’m still reigning in. So today, while I was planning out my novel a bit more, I started to think of the reasons why I love writing. I hope this list is relatable and helps you feel confident in your craft 🙂

  1. writing gives me purpose
  2. writing allows me to connect with other creative souls ❤
  3. it FEELS right
  4. what I can’t express verbally, I can express through my keyboard
  5. writing helps me unwind and relax
  6. I get to write about the things that I love and that intrest me
  7. writing comes in many forms, and I like to dabble in whatever I can
  8. writing grounds me
  9. writing allows me to escape from this world into a world of my own
  10. writing frees me

I know these might be cliche, but yet this small list really empowered me and helped me think positivly and constructivly about my craft. I write because I love to!

I hope everyone had a not-s0-bad monday!



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