Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful and productive weekend!

I was lucky enough this weekend to see “A Cure For Wellness”, which was equally beautiful as it was creepy. I’m definitely looking forwards to seeing it again, but paying much more close attention to images, themes, and subtle foreshadowing. There were A LOT of good things happening in that film that made it worth the watch. I highly suggest it.

In other news, I have FINALLY finished fully outlining my novel! I originally planned to take one week to fully plan it out, but my notebook turned into a full blown project. Plus outside college factors didn’t make it any easier. Now that the outlining is done, I can get back to working on my chapters!

Usually, I don’t plan my writing. I’m very much a ‘pantser’ in NaNo terms. But as I was writing this book, it came to my understanding that I need to plan out my entire plot in order to move steadily forwards with my chapters. It will also help my document my process.

Yay for productivity!

I hope everyone’s Monday went well, and best of luck for the rest of the week!



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