Novel or Novella?

My current project is running long… out of curiousity, do you know anything about how long books should be?

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When I was first writing Bound Souls, I did quite a bit of research regarding how long novels should be and the lengths of other writings.

First and foremost, if your short story is running long, that’s totally fine. Don’t cap your writing unless it’s for an assignment or only meant to be X amount of pages/words. Creatively speaking, you should let your story run and see where it goes, don’t just stop because you’re paranoid it’s too long.

Micro-Fiction: 0-100 words: as long as the story stays beneath 1,000 words, it’s considered micro-fiction. These stories can range from one sentence to only 50 words; hence Micro.

Flash Fiction: 100-1,000 words: short and sweet, longer than micro yet shorter than a full short story, these works are very appealing to magazines.

Short Stories: 1,000- 7,500 words: lots of authors collect their many short stories into anthologies (Stephen King does this frequently) and online venues are interested in short stories mainly for contest reasons.

Novelette: 7,500 -20,000: While these can be a good length, because they are so in between short and long works, publishers don’t always grab them. Although, compiled with other novelettes, they become more enticing.

Novella: 20,000 -50,000: Again, publishers look for works that are a bit longer, but if you’re reaching 50 thousand, it’s not far out of reach. Maybe publishers do take novellas.

Novel: 50,000 -110,000 words: Obviously, the most popular length. Most books published tend to sit in the 70-80 thousand word range, for most books over 100 thousand words are extremely large.

Epic: Over 110,000 words: quite long and hard to get published. Although, if its part of a trilogy, it won’t be too hard. just remember books this long tend to scare readers.

These numbers are all relative to YOUR individual story. No site will give you the same solid answer. If you need more research, I highly suggest Writers Digest which I have linked below. The more research you do on the area where you would like to fit your book, the better.

Writers Digest Link! 

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