NOVEL UPDATES! And April Poetry!

Hello all!

I DEEPLY apologize for not posting in so long! I’ve been extremely busy with school, an upcoming leadership position in club, work, family matters, friendships and my relationship. This month is already becoming a whirlwind.

As for my novel, I still haven’t secured a title yet.

I’m leaning towards The Acolyte, or maybe just Acolytes… but I also considered calling it The Gray or RED. I have many options but have absolutely no clue on which one to run with.

Currently, I’m sitting at around 57,000 words of my novel! This is the longest work I’ve written yet!

Since my life has been increasingly busy, I’ve sadly neglected my novel. But am currently beginning to work on it again, which not only makes me happy, but pushes me further towards the goal of finishing the first draft of my manuscript by the end of April. Which, at least to me, seems like a stretch to reach… But I’m going to try anyways.

April is national poetry month! So, in honor of that, I’ve been writing a poem a day 🙂 Which is exciting and very stressful. Thus far I only have 5 and may or may not be posting them here when I’ve finished a few :3 I’ll keep you updated!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week!



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