Keys to Compelling Chapters

Writing Compelling Chapters can be a struggle, and most of us writers don’t get it right on the first draft. But despite that fact, we continue writing. I’ve thought of my Top 4 Tips for writing compelling chapters and keeping your audience entertained.

  1. Dialogue: It’s no secret that readers prefer dialogue compared to narrative. But utilizing this liking, writers can draw their readers in with dialogue that keeps them on their toes. With that said, the dialogue MUST be of good quality, if it isn’t readers will become bored and put down your book. Keep your dialogue tight, interesting, and eases the plot forwards to whisk the reader in.
  2. Call to action: The first action scene of your book is going to be the clincher. Don’t drown the reader in action scenes right off the bat. First get them involved, expose them to the character, and then inject the action. This wakes the reader up from dialogue and moves them with the story.
  3. Conflict: The heart of the story, should it be known in the first few chapters? Yes, but vaguely. The reader already knows things are going to go awry in some way shape- or form. Writers can introduce their conflict subtly while still keeping their reader engaged in the dialogue and emerging characters. This way, readers are becoming immersed in your world, and by catching glimpses of the conflict, they’ll be more inclined to stay.


Obviously there are other factors that play into writing quality chapters: good characters, setting, plot points, engaging the reader through relatable events, characters, emitons… along with much else.

My overall advice? keep writing and reading 🙂



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