An Update

Hello all, my week and a half break is up, so I’m right back into my writing and editing. It’s amazing how much a brief break can ease stress and panic from my life. While I loved writing Acolyte, it was extremely stressful and hard especially when I was finishing it during the thick of the summer. Having a nice relaxing break from those 80,000-something words was wonderful.

Over break I was able to work on my upcoming poetry book: 20-Something vol.1. This is a chapbook series I am writing and binding myself! Which I am really excited for. Over this break from Acolyte, I was able to finalize some poetry and type the final drafts on my type writer.

Also, I managed to completely plot out my newest novel idea. While this idea is still in the works, it’s nice to have the plot, setting and characters somewhat fleshed out so I can begin writing come September! I’ll keep everyone posted about its progress, so keep your eyes open!

For Acolyte, the monstrous beast of editing has begun. My current plan is to have half of the book, 16 chapters, edited on paper by the end of August. I think this is a pretty reachable goal and I recently ripped through chapter 10. My edits will be made solely on paper and in the later months I will apply those changes to the documents online.

Regarding this blog, I’m going to be applying some big changes! With my new camera, I’m going to be taking a lot of self-portraits and artsy writing pics and I’m also going to be finding a new layout. This blog will undergo a lot of changes, and my posting schedule might be funny for a bit, but stick with me and I’ll stick with you!

Thanks so much for reading! My social media links are listed if you want to join my writing journey. Have a great day and happy writing!




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