’98 Vanagon

’98 Vanagon

The longest journey is the journey inward – Dag Hammarskjold

Hugo is struggling to find himself. Lost in a world of cruelty and death, he feels washed away. With his Vanagon, gifted to him by his father, Hugo chooses to drive hoping to find something of himself on the road. Partnered by a mysterious woman, the two travel cross-country to understand the meaning of life as it is and the importance of knowing who you are.

I wrote this chapbook with the intention to explore a common feeling in college: the unknown. Your 20’s are meant to find what you love, what you want to pursue, but most importantly; who you are. These poems show a sequence of my character, Hugo, as he goes about finding himself in the midst of his father’s recent death.

In one semester I managed to write, illustrate and bind ’98 Vanagon.



2 thoughts on “’98 Vanagon

    1. unfortunately it isn’t available for purchase. since it was a college project and I built it by hand I have the only copy. maybe someday I can produce and sell it!


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