About Me


My name is Lydia Schoonmaker. All my life, I’ve been writing. Currently I am a Junior Creative Writing Major at Colby-Sawyer College, but ever since I was little, I loved to create and tell stories. I’d write and illustrate them on construction paper then later present them to my stuffed animal judges. Next came reading. My parents would read to me as a child and it became something I’d look forward to every night, and that love has followed me into my adult life. I love to read Fantasy, Horror and Romance, along with anything having to do with monsters or cryptids. Now, I have begun to turn my dreams into a reality.

My senior year of High School, I self published a book named: Bound Souls. It was my first ever completed and bound manuscript. That sensation and fever of holding my very own book became an addiction I wanted to feed.

Summer of 2017, I finished my second manuscript: Acolyte, my first fantasy adventure.

I soon dabbled in poetry, creating my own hand drawn and hand bound chapbook called: ’98 Vanagon. While I much prefer prose over poetry, I am hoping to improve my poetry skills and produce another chapbook in the near future.

This past winter, I’ve completed a modern YA book named: Sided.

Now, 2018 holds my next novel. I will be updating this blog with my recent work on my new book along with posting musings from a writer and college student perspective. I love meeting new writers, readers and students, and I hope my blog serves useful to them. I’m active on my Twitter and my Instagram as well as this blog. Thank you so much for stopping by and don’t hesitate to get in touch! Happy Writing!

Thanks! Lydia Schoonmaker